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Internationally Trained Workers


From May 1 – July 31, 2015, all Carpenters, Electricians and Heavy Duty Equipment Technicians will be using the revised Trade Qualifier Application package that is being tested through a national pilot project.

The aim of the pilot is to determine if the revised forms increase accuracy, consistency, transparency and fairness across Canadian jurisdictions while respecting differences in standards and legislation related to decision making regarding eligibility of trades qualifiers to write the Red Seal Examination.

If you submitted a Trades Qualifier application for Construction Electrician, Carpenter or Heavy Duty Equipment Technician between May 1, 2015 and July 31, 2015, you used the revised Trades Qualifier Application package being tested through a national pilot project. As part of the evaluation of this project, we would like to learn about your experience completing the forms and using the application guide.

To participate in the evaluation of the application package, please sign a consent form demonstrating your consent to participate and submit it with your application.

 Please Note: Participation in the evaluation will not have any bearing on the assessment outcome. Survey completion is confidential, and individual responses will not be shared with the Apprenticeship Authority.

 Candidates who choose to participate in the survey, either in hard copy, online or by telephone, will be entered into a draw for a $100 Visa gift card (1/125 chance of winning)

Consent Form

Declaration Forms:

  1. Carpenter – TQ Scope of Trade Declaration Form
  2. Electrician – TQ Scope of Trade Declaration
  3. Heavy Duty Equipment Technician – TQ Scope of Trade Declaration Form

FOR ALL OTHER TRADES (except Carpenter, Electrician and Heavy Duty Equipment Technician), please follow the processes outlined below. Compulsory apprenticeship trades – there are four “compulsory” trades in Saskatchewan:
1. Electrician
2. Plumber
3. Refrigeration Mechanic
4. Sheet Metal Worker

An assessment must be completed to work in any compulsory trade in Saskatchewan.

Voluntary trades – Upon applying to write the certification examination, an assessment of your experience must be completed.

To work in a skilled trade in Saskatchewan, the following steps will occur:

1. Assessment with the SATCC.  Assessments will occur on a first-come, first-served basis, and  typically takes 4 to 6 weeks from application. All correspondence is received and sent through mail service, and will be sent directly to you the client, or to a representative. A form must be filled out for someone to represent you (Consent to Release Personal Information Form). Please remember all documentation must be translated.

– Apply for an assessment by mailing:

– Once the SATCC receives the application, the assessment will take place. The assessment will review:
  • Certificates and transcripts for equivalency
    • Apprenticeships
    • National Craft Certificates
    • City and Guilds
    • Vocational certificates and transcripts
  • Trade experience hours
    • Type of company
    • Type of work
    • Total hours in the trade
      • Compulsory trades: Minimum of 7200 hours required
      • Voluntary trades: Minimum of trade requirement
– Eligible applicants will receive a letter deeming them eligible to work in Saskatchewan, which will help with the work permit process.


2. Once in Saskatchewan:
– In a compulsory trade:
  • Submit a copy of your work permit to SATCC.
  • Submit an Apprenticeship Contract (Form A or Form B) with your employer to the SATCC.
  • Complete Form 2 ($100 fee) to write Interprovincial Journeyperson exam.
– In a voluntary trade:
  • Submit a copy of your work permit to SATCC.
  • Complete Form 2 ($100 fee) to write the Interprovincial Journeyperson exam.
3. Write the exam.
– As an applicant, you can have a non-trade related translator for the exam.
– Forms must be completed with the SATCC field consultant.
– Cannot attend upgrader or technical training until you become a permanent resident.
– As a work permit holder, maximum of two attempts at the exam.
– Special permit card can be extended to the expiry of the work permit card.

More information and useful links:

  1. IMMSKILLS:  The SATCC and the Canadian International Training and Education Corporation (CITREC) have signed a partnership agreement to offer Skilled Trade Assessment for Foreign-Trained nationals. CITREC through its partnership with SATCC, will be offering  the Skilled Assessment Service  in foreign countries under the IMMSKILLS brand.  More information.
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