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Esthetician Training Providers Certification annual reminder – January 15, 2013

The deadline for Esthetician certification for training providers has entered its final year.

On January 15, 2009, Esthetician-  Skin Care Technician and Esthetician – Nail Technician became designated trades in Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission (SATCC), along with the Esthetician Curriculum and Examination Development Board, have reviewed curriculum standards for a number of Esthetician training programs in the province. Technical training credit has been awarded to several Esthetician programs. As a result, graduates of the accredited programs that are seeking journeyperson status will receive technical training credit hours towards the total time spent in the trade.

Once the trade became designated, the instructor credential required is a Journeyperson Certificate of Qualification. Training providers were provided a five year grace period for their Esthetician instructors to obtain their journeyperson credential. That deadline is fast approaching (January 15, 2014).

Please note that, in order to maintain technical training credit, training providers will be required to prove that all Esthetician training personnel in their institutions have their journeyperson status in the Esthetician trade area(s) in which they teach. These credentials will be required within the next year (by January 15, 2014). This is in cooperation between the SATCC and the Private Vocational Schools Branch, Ministry of Advanced Education. Pursuant to The Private Vocational Schools Regulations Act, 1995. Thus, an instructor of skin care will be required to have journeyperson status as an Esthetician – Skin Care Technician, and an instructor in nail technology will be required to have journeyperson status as an Esthetician – Nail Technician.

For more information on technical training credit or instructor credentials, please contact:

 Program Development Unit
Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade
Certification Commission
603 – 45th Street West
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan  S7L 5W5

Tel: (306) 933-8458/8476
Fax: (306) 933-7663