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Apprenticeship Profiles

Apprenticeship Profiles

Is Your Future in the Skilled Trades?

Preparing for your future and exploring career opportunities can be an  overwhelming and confusing experience.  Plumber….teacher….entrepreneur!    Are these careers part of your future?  Watch this page as we profile tradespeople and employers in skilled trades.

Gino Santoro – Gino Santoro came from a family of tradespeople – a bricklayer, carpenter and industrial instrument technician. He saw their achievements and had his sights set on becoming a plumber and running his own business.  But, his life took a turn and he found his passion in another trade. – January 2015

Sheldon Mayer – Sheldon Mayer had no plans to enter into the skilled trades. Now, the Journeyperson Machinist has a long list of successes and is the third generation owner of the family business. – October 2014.

Jonathan Thauberger – Jonathan Thauberger turned his passion into a career as an award-winning Red Seal cook. He is now passing on his skill and knowledge to his apprentice. – July 2014

Women in Trades, Pinehouse Lake – The Women in Trades Aboriginal Apprenticeship Initiative in Pinehouse Lake is the definition of success. – April 2014

Tanis Bouchard – Tanis Bouchard works part-time as an Esthetician. What surprises people is that most of her time is spent working as a journeyperson welder. – January 2014

Justin Yawney – Justin Yawney always knew he wanted to work in the trades. What he didn’t know is how far his interest, certification, and hard work would take him. – November 2013

Brad Zerr – A Red Seal certified journeyperson in three trades – welding, steel fabrication and boilermaking – Brad Zerr understands the dedication the employees put into the job. – May 2013

Nolan Moore – Nolan Moore is a second-year carpenter with Westridge Construction. He has found a career in carpentry to be the best way to have fun every day while also raising a young family. – January 2013

Kayla Green – Kayla Greene doesn’t look like a “typical” bricklayer. But that’s the great thing about the skilled trades – there is no typical anymore as people in the trade and out are realizing the potential of great careers. – October 2012

Patrick Gartner – Patrick first pursued a Bachelor of Music degree in vocal performance specifically opera singing. He later decided to pursue a skilled trades career instead! – March 2012

Career Choices– Read the stories of three students who received the Saskatchewan Youth Apprenticeship Industry Scholarship – November 2011

Why Apprenticeship? – “Apprenticeship is the lifeblood of the economy.” Garry Kot – September 2011

Honourable Rob Norris – Minister Responsible for the Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission – July 2011

Loreena Potts – Female Electrician/Assistant Director of Field Services – May 2011

Doug Christie – Employer/entrepreneur – March 2011