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Youth and Apprentices:

Apprentice Responsibilities

Designated Trades in Saskatchewan – chart

Essential Skills Tools

Relevance Magazine 2015 – Careers by Design

Saskatchewan Youth Apprenticeship (SYA) Program

SYA Industry Scholarships

What is Apprenticeship?


Journeyperson as Trainer


Aboriginal Apprenticeship Initiatives

A Guide for Employers

SATCC – An Employer’s Toolkit to Apprenticeship Training

Canadian Apprenticeship Forum – Employer Toolkit

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Saskatchewan Youth Apprenticeship (SYA) Industry Scholarship – sponsorship brochure/form

Partnership Brochures:

Canadian Home Builders’ Association – Building Bright Futures – Careers in Saskatchewan’s Residential Construction Trades

Saskatchewan Automobile Dealers’ Association- Building Bright Futures

Saskatchewan Construction Association (SCA) – Building Bright Futures  – Careers in Saskatchewan’s Construction Trades

Saskatchewan Tourism Education Council (STEC) - Opportunities to Expand and Grow

Saskatchewan Provincial Building & Construction Trades Council – Careers in Saskatchewan’s Building Trades


Apprenticeship Poster

Women in Non-Traditional Trades

People of Aboriginal Ancestry in Trades

Employers Supporting the Trades